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I am beginning this post, wanting to write, but really unsure of what to write. It’s been a while since I sat at my laptop to write. Up until recently, I was only ever sitting on my laptop to work. So, it kind of took the fun out of writing. Not to mention, I just didn’t have time.

I’m a special needs teacher. Remote learning was very difficult for families. I found myself trying to teach virtually and helping my own children with their virtual school. What made this most difficult was being a student myself (I went back to school to complete coursework for obtaining certification as a BCaBA). I took and passed my last two finals June 16.

I enjoyed approaching school with my kids as a family. We worked hard and we ate very well. I didn’t miss driving to work and getting up at the buttcrack of dawn. I still had to get up early for work, but I was still able to get nearly 3 extra hours of sleep.

I missed my kids from school though. I missed cooking with them. I missed working on their goals face-to-face.

We don’t have any details yet, but I would love to go back to normal. Honestly, I’m not accepting this new normal. I want true normal because that’s effective.

I still study and research for ABA (I still have to sit for the certification exam and I’m kind of a nerd). I’m starting to get back into my herbal studies. I’m starting my advanced herbal class and I really need to get back into the habit of at least pulling a daily card from my tarot deck. I’ve neglected my deck.

And I need to get back into writing for this page again.

This year, we have worked on the land and continued to expand our homestead. I am looking forward to writing on a weekly basis again, starting with this post.

In between how busy we have been, I did make myself take the time to enjoy nature around our property. In my attempts t seek sanctuary in mother nature, I decided to charge the batteries for my DSLR and go for some photo shoots. Because no post is truly a post without pictures, here are some photos I took of nature around the home.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Look forward to more posts in the future.

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We’re Back!

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It’s been forever. So much has happened in the past three months that has prevented me from writing. First, it’s the end of the school year. I teach special needs and this time of year is pretty paperwork heavy for me. This year is particularly busy because over half of my caseload is graduating. Which means more paperwork and more meetings than normal.

On top of that, we moved the WHOLE farm. ALL OF IT. I cannot believe we did it. We knew that our long term goal was to one day own more land, but that goal became a reality much sooner than we had originally anticipated. Everything happened so quickly and it demanded all of our attention.

My husband got a zillow notification of a property that was on sale a few months back. It was a nice looking house on about 10 acres. We knew we wanted to build but decided to look at this house on a whim. It’s not often than we instantly fall in love with a home, but we did upon looking at this house.

The stars were definitely lined up for us because we hit the ground running as soon as we made the offer. Before we knew it we were packing up the entire house we were living in and getting it ready to be shown to be sold.

Moving a whole farm is far from easy. I enjoyed 0% of the whole moving process. Our animals shared the same feelings with me. On the day we had to move the animals, I rode a donkey.



It wasn’t an experience I would brag about. It provided much comedic relief and thankfully didn’t end in harm to anyone. We had both donkeys in the trailer. The younger one decided she didn’t want to be on the railer anymore and was able to leave before we could shut the trailer. I was thinking, since she’s my buddy and all, that if I stood in her path and redirected her she would comply. I also knew that plan might not work. It didn’t work.

Merida, our younger donkey, trotted up to me. I tried to kind of nudge her back, but she somehow got her head under my armpit and lifted. That’s when a trot turned into a gallop. Next thing I know, I’m further up on this donkey. I had to lift my leg to get off of her. I was riding her backwards and didn’t realize she was about to turn. As she turned, we both kind of–fell. I fell on my back and as she started to lean down towards me I was able to push her back up to her feet with my hands to make sure she didn’t actually fall on me.

We looked at each other after I stood up. I swear the look on her face said And we will never speak of this. To anyone. Ever. But it was too late. My husband was dying from laughter. And you know what she did later? Simply walked on the trailer by herself.



We got all the animals moved on Cinco de Mayo. Hours after the move, Lyris had her first kidding. She brought two baby boys into the world and she couldn’t have been more terrified. She just didn’t know what to do with them. Three days in a pen with her babies and me encouraging her to nurse and now she’s an attentive mother. Her boys are gorgeous and I’m hoping to sell them for breeding as they’re just simply stunning.



The property itself is breath-taking. I will be posting more about the property next week. Now that we’ve moved and mostly settled I’m hoping to be writing a bit more routinely again. I don’t have my camera unpacked yet, so you’ll have to settle for my pictures off my phone.

Looking forward to writing about our crazy adventures on the farm again. Thank you everyone who waited so patiently for us to return. Have a great week!

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Essential Oils and Flower Essences

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Essential oils and flower essences bestow a concentrated dose of plant energy.
In most cases, however, you may want to work with the whole plant. You may find that if you wish to work with a particular plant, you’re obligated to grow it yourself. This may be for a variety of reasons.
* Some plants are rare to an area. You may need to nurture some indoors or order from a specialist nursery.
* What you desire may not be marketable: the alchemists treasured fresh morning dew caught upon the leaves of lady’s mantle. They called it “water from heaven” and prized it as an ingredient in many enchanted potions. If you want some {and you very well might; it’s reputed to provide a beautiful complexion!}, you’ll have to grow it and gather it yourself.
* In some cases, it’s best to have your own fresh stock of plants, to…

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